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Eser Marketing International is the sole agent for BH Fitness equipment in Sri Lanka. BH stands for “Beistegui Hermanos” a company founded in 1909. In the beginning BH produced firearms and later focus on developing bikes and exercise equipment. Today BH is a leading brand in racing bikes, fitness & gym products, beauty & wellness products .

BH is a company based on technology, innovation, trust and social responsibility, offering Sport, Health & Beauty products.

Technology: BH solutions include the most advanced technologies and components in the area of electronics, software, ergonomics, design and materials.

Innovation: BH focus on researching, investigating and launching Sport, Health & Beauty solutions pioneered in the market: from new ebikes to cavitation products, from elite level triathlon bikes to professional treadmills. Our range of solutions cover all the Sport, Health & Beauty spectrum, so that the future innovations are only limited by our imagination.

Trust: BH has more than 100 years working very close to our customers and provides solutions. BH has been through many different historical events and cultural changes and has been able to adapt successfully to every period, thanks to trustable values along with a high level of integrity of employees and partners.

Social responsibility: In BH, we develop eco-friendly solutions and we are sensitive to optimize the energy consumption and recycling capabilities of our products. All our products correspond to the international standards for environment.

BH integrate dynamic teams with high level skills and experiences, all of them under the umbrella of a modest (meaning humble) and nimble company.

Endorsements: BH Fitness products are endorsed by Olympic champion Nicola Spirig

Connecting closely to our customers provides us enough information about their needs and let us develop customer value orientated solutions. Besides, BH dealers are considered as partners and representatives of BH brand in the market and they are selected to be fully orientated to achieve the customer service excellence.

Eser Marketing BH Fitness Sri Lanka

BH Treadmill Sri Lanka

Eser Marketing is the authorized agent for providing BH fitness equipment in Sri Lanka. Eser Marketing offers BH treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, spin bikes, home gyms and benches. BH treadmills are available in more than 12 models to choose from to fit your fitness regime and budget. BH treadmills are equipped with latest technology and supports Bluetooth, wi-fi and in build fitness apps such as Run on Earth, cycle rush, fit console and BH by Kinomap.

BH Cross trainer Sri Lanka

BH Cross trainers offer full body fat burning workout for everyday training. Bh Ellipticals have more than 10 models to choose from based on range, performance, options and fitness goals. BH elliptical cross trainers and made with durable industrial strength steel and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

BH exercise bike Sri Lanka

BH exercise bikes in Sri Lanka offers the best cardio workout you can get on a bike. Eser offers more than 10 models of exercises bikes such as spin bikes, upright bikes and recumbent bikes to suit your workout.

BH bench sri lanka

BH offers best workout benches in Sri Lanka. BH Atlanta G59X is a great start up for beginners. With 5 levels of height adjustments and multiple levels of inclines, this bench can be used to perform many exercises targeting the specific muscle groups. BH Optima offers 6 backrest settings and and built with a solid steel frame. BH G330 Optima Press offers full workout options with dumbbell and barbell support and offers weight storage supports.

BH Home Gym Sri Lanka

BH Home Gyms in Sri Lanka offered by Eser is the ideal machine for body builders and fitness savvy enthusiasts. BH Multigym Plus G112X generates 67kg of resistance in 8 levels. BH Nevada Plus G119X features convenient folding for easy storage and supports upper body lower body and abdominal muscle groups. BH Global Gym and Home Gym  TT Pro Training Stations offers the ultimate cable based exercise workout for fitness enthusiasts.

BH Rowing Machine Sri Lanka

BH Rowing machines offer best cardio workout and improves flexibility in your body. BH rowing machines offerd by Eser includes R550 rowing circuit, R590 and LK 580 professional rowers with adjustable monitor, magnetic and air combined load for a stable workout and professional programmes to suit your workout regime.

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