Eser Marketing Free Weights & Bars

weight lifting equipment will help you to a muscle building, fat burning full body workout. Whether you are a novice or a professional body builder, Eser Marketing have a fitness solution customized for you.Our range of free weights such as dumbbells, kettle bells, weight lifting bars and plates offers you more choice to pick on the products that suits your workout best.

Benefits of using free weights and bars

Unlike exercising on a machine, weight lifting equipment offer the user free range of motion thus providing a more natural workout. Basic dumbbell exercises like bicep curl and wrist curl will help you to do everyday tasks like carrying shopping or lifting furniture with ease. Using free weights will provide results in no time. When you exercise on free weighs your body will have to keep the balance and also maintain the control of the weights. This means your body will work major muscles and core every time a repetition is made.

The more muscle you work during a given exercise, the more calories you’re going to burn with every rep, And while any free weight exercise is going to tax your smaller stabilizers more than resistance-machine exercises, weight lifting equipment also allow you to perform compound movements that work your entire body at once. Lifting free weights is a great way to prevent injuries. Because free weights are constantly challenging your balance, force you to work and strengthen your small stabilizing muscles, which play a big role in supporting your body and keeping your joints in their proper place. Eser Marketing Free weights offers a great variety as well as robust fitness experience.


Free weights activate more muscle fibers as a result of needing the additional stabilizer muscles, and able to increase motor neuron recruitment for each exercise. Doing so will encourage much more uniform strength and muscle gains across the board.

As everyone knows using weight lifting equipment will fight to burn that extra calories intake and boost your physique. If you need to lose weight fast, its best to add  some free weights to your cardio workout. A little resistance training will go a long way to improve your health.

Eser Marketing high quality weights and bars

Eser Marketing Free weights & bars are made with great care to ensure durability and quality. Backed by Eser warranty, we have a wide range of vinyl, plastic soft dumbbells, heavy duty hexagonal and chrome dumbbells.

Eser Marketing Free weights & bars include 3 to 7 feet straight bars, curl bars, dead lift and triceps bars.

Also Eser provides a collection of steel, rubber coated steel, rubber and chrome weight lifting equipment for all you free weight lifting requirements.

Feel free to browse Eser Marketing Free weights collection. If you need more information pop in to anyone of our Eser  branches around Sri Lanka.