Eser Marketing Treadmill

Eser Marketing treadmills

Eser Marketing Treadmill offers the best cardio workout for beginners as well as enthsiasts and professionals.  Eser treadmills offer robust performance, solid workout experience backed by excellent after sales service and customer care. We offer BH, Reebok and Bodyone treadmills to suit different customer requirements. Eser International offer the greatest range of treadmills in Sri Lanka, with more than 16 models to choose from.

BH Treadmills from Eser Marketing

BH treadmill offer solid performance with more than fifteen models to choose from. Equipped with the latest technology such as “Walk on earth”, i Concept and bluetooth connectivity. BH Fitness products are ranked no. 1 in the Europe when it comes to fitness brands.

Reebok treadmills from Eser Marketing

Reebok treadmills offer great workout to boost your fitness results. Eser Marketing offers 2 year warranty for Reebok treadmills in Sri Lanka. Reebok Jet series treadmills offer comfort and style to your workout.

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