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Fitness tools and tips for a better lifestyle from Eser marketing BH Fitness. Watch this space for latest innovation and tips on health and fitness. Take a look at iConcept, a vision put upon by BH, the number one fitness products manufacturer in Europe. Visit our blog at for more detailed articles.

Latest innovations in fitness

BH fitness is in the forefront of quality fitness products for home and commercial fitness. Follow this page to learn about the iConcept, all in one fitness solution for tracking the performance and progression towards a healthy lifestyle at your fingertips.

BMI Calculator

Want to know your position in health index? Use our Body Mass Index Calculator to set a target for your workout regime. Using BMI calculator you can know the ideal weight you should manage to live a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness blog

Eser Marketing fitness blog provides you with a comprehensive guide for a better lifestyle and fitness choices. Our blog features workout schedules, healthy dietary choices, articles on proper use of fitness and gym equipment. It is important to keep a healthy diet in order to get the maximum results from your workout. Visit our blog for tips and advice on exercise regimes, gym equipment, better fitness and lifestyle choices.

iCONCEPT from BH Fitness


BMI Calcuator