Ankle weights

Rs 1,400.00


Ankle weights for various intensity levels

Ankle weights from Eser Marketing International feature cushioned flaps to protect the ankles.The small size permits full freedom of movement. Solid iron weights are inserted into a padded pockets. Extensive padding against the ankle and a padded heel to protect the Achilles tendon.Premium quality for fitness, health and wellness. Ideal for joggers and climbers.

Good & Quality Ankle Weight available in all of Eser marketing BH Fitness showrooms in Sri Lanka. Starting from Rs.1100 Per 1Kg. Strengthen your lower back and thighs using this exercise accessory.

Ankle weights are available in following weights.

  • 500g x 2 = Rs. 1,100
  • 1kg x 2 = Rs. 1,400
  • 1.5kg x 2 = Rs. 1,600
  • 2kg x 2 = Rs. 1,800
  • 3kg x 2 = Rs. 2,000



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