BH Electrical Cross Trainer – D880

Rs 339,000.00


BH Electrical Cross Trainer D880 is a heavy duty electrical cross trainer.  Wide power output with a state of the art high power magnet and flywheel to get the sufficient tensions and consistent resistance.

Stride: 53 cm / 21”

Train with a comfortable and efficient stride. Ideal for demanding training routines offered by HIIT concept by BH.

Distance between pedals: 15 cm / 5.9”

15 cm that require a minimum opening of your hips, your movement will be 100% natural.

XXL anti-slip foot pedals

Helps to find the best working position.

Minimum distance between pedals

Allows a more natural motion, given that the hips remain completely parallel during exercise.

Wheels for transportation

Easy to move in the house.



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