Eser Marketing Cross Trainer WD855

BH elliptical Cross Trainer – WD 855

Rs 140,000.00


BH elliptical Cross Trainer – WD 855 from Eser Marketing is designed based on human biomechanics that keeps the users body aligned from head to toe properly while pedaling, and minimize pressure on the lower back. The WD 855 also combines a 4 section assembly structure with heavy duty bearing that takes away the impact to the joints, spinal cord and also the arms during exercises/workouts.

use Use intensive
max weight Rec. max. user weight 135 kg / 298 lbs
stride Stride 48 cm / 19”
brake Brake Magnetic brake system
monior Monitor LCD screen
pulse Pulse on the handlebar



without optional

Close pedal spacing

The design based on precise human biomechanics can keep users’ body aligned from head to toe properly while pedaling, and minimize pressure on the lower back. With The natural and comfortable movement, you can enjoy the non-impact exercise more.


Track & Track structure

Combining 4-section assembly structure with heavy duty bearings brings non-impact exercise to the joints and spinal cord and also arms, abodominals, thighs and hips.


Silent magnetic control system

This system engages a mechanical brake with the flywheel which offers quiet and smooth pedaling through an extensive range of tensions. The inertia-enhanced flywheel delivers a more natural ride experience.


19″ strike length Commercial grade programs

The design of 19″ stride length provides longer steps for more intensive training on your core muscles. It provides the large pedaling motion and users can easily burn calories and develop lean muscles.


There are a variety of pre-set programs for all the users, including custom course (uProg), fitness test, and HRC programs. You can enjoy different workout variations and reach your fitness goal with more fun.

Anti-rust aluminum alloy rails Ergonomic inward pedals

The rails are made by high-stiffness aluminum alloys. Many layers of anti-rust painting make the wheels slide smoothly.


According to deliver the real running motion and keep your lower body in precise angle, we design the inward foot pedals which are ideal for the pedaling movement.

Poly-V belt drive system Upper-body ergonomics
WG855_17The belt direct drive system assures performance that is very smooth and quiet. Users don’t have to maintain or oil the transmission system. WG855_18The anti-slip grips is covered with soft touch rubber, and with the longer handlebars design, you can easily train your arms, chest and back muscles by upper body movement.
Large-sized pulleys The high level frame design
WG855_22The large-sized pulleys, reach 50 mm, help to balance the pedals and offer greater safety while exercising. Plus, the two rails made by high-stiffness aluminum alloys can make sure the pedaling process more smooth. WG855_23The high level frame design and painting techniques provide enduring and comfortable solutions for every exerciser, and also, it can strength the durability and weight loaded of whole treadmill.
Grip pulse heat rate monitor Easy access design
WG855_26The convenient design of contact pulse sensors allows users to monitor the heart rate and you will stay on track for better results. WG855_27Thanks to the opened frame design, TF series provides the user with an easy access feature, avoiding the entry barrier of the elders or disabled.



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