BH bike 1065u

BH upright bike WH 1065 U

Rs 89,000.00


Bike – WH 1065 U is Designed for regular use at home. This is a best choice for beginners and home fitness enthusiasts that want to advance their training. Also it’s maintenance free, quiet smooth pedaling through an extensive range of tensions and allows you to design your own program or random program.

BH upright bike WH 1065 U specifications

use Use regular
max-user rec. max. user weight 140 kg / 309 lbs
inercial system flywheel 8 kg / 18 lbs
brake Brake Magnetic brake system
monior Monitor LCD monitor
pulse Pulse on the handlebar



without optional

4-Direction adjustable seat

With a quick and easy adjustment, you can easily move the seat forward and backward, up and down to find the right fit position. This is perfect for family settings with multiple users and different heights.


Silent magnetic control system

This system engages a mechanical brake with the flywheel which offers quiet and smooth pedaling through an extensive range of tensions. The inertia-enhanced flywheel delivers a more natural ride experience.


5.5″ LCD screen

The big display screen provides a wide viewing angle, and you can quickly customize your workout from 12 workout program with 24 resistance levels adjustment. Plus, there are 4 HRC programs, Fitness Test program, and RecoveryTest program that is the same with commercial grade.


Comfortable large gel saddle

Seat slider protection

BH-WH1065U-Treadmill-141007004The extra big, comfortable seat is made with padding and covered with soft material that could bring you an extremely comfortable logn-time pedaling experience. BH-WH1065U-Treadmill-141007005The design of protecting cover could block sweat away, protect the track and make the track more durable.

Adjustable handlebar

3-pieces crank set

BH-WH1065U-Treadmill-141007006Users could easily change the angle of handlebar with multi-angles and hence changing the riding position and training different parts of muscle would be very convenient. BH-WH1065U-Treadmill-141007007Combining with heavy duty bearings and three-piece crank set allows the cycling movement smoothly. That would also prevent injuries from joins and muscles of your legs.

Grip pulse heat rate monitor

Box frame design
BH-WH1065U-Treadmill-141007008The convenient design of contact pulse sensors allows users to monitor the heart rate and you will stay on track for better results. BH-WH1065U-Treadmill-141007009The box frame can fully protect the exercise bike mechanism and ensures maximum strength and stability during your pedaling.

Pedals with straps

Adjustable leveling feet

BH-WH1065U-Treadmill-141007010The large pedals with multi-point design could effectively divert the pressure of feet. In order to keep your feet in place, these pedals are built with straps to increase stability. BH-WH1065U-Treadmill-141007011The convenient leveling feet design could keep your exercise bike stable on an uneven surface, and make sure your safety while exercising.

Convenient holders

Multiple heat dissipation

BH-WH1065U-Treadmill-141007012The convenient water bottle holder is built-in to the bike frame for easy access, and you can easily put your mobile/tablet on the console holder. BH-WH1065U-Treadmill-141007013The exercise bike is equipped with heat dissipation at the back and both sides of frame that can increase the durability of flywheel.



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