Eser Marketing Punching Man

Punching Man

Rs 49,000.00


High cushioning properties, attacker does not fall, long-lasting, durable. Solid, feel good, feel like a real person. Also Easy to move, install, add water or sand can. Had high rubber content, toughness is very good, guaranteed never broken, the thickness of 3 cm. Feel like the real feeling, no gloves, no hand pain, how long continuous play, no problem, the problem in how long you can sustain physical.


*Pu dummy stand/punching and boxing trainer
*Punching man w/flexible sandfilled (or waterfilled) base
*Free standing, no chains or hanging required water (or sand) filled base provides excellent stability pressurized bag stem for optimal resistance flexible construction allows for quick rebound.
*W/adjustable height/with 1 screwdriver
*3 Positions, adjustable from 158cm to 185cm (63″-75″)
*W/water cap for adding water
*Each set in polybag and to a master carton


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