Eser Marketing BH R590 Rowing machine

BH R590 Professional Rower

Rs 249,000.00


Product Description

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Magnetic+Air Combination Auto-Controlled
Airflow control gives user a fixed load, and controlled by adjustable magnetic system. It provides
a smooth rowing action than ever.And magnetic brake system provides a quiet rowing through
an extensive range of tensions.

Professional Programs

Professional Programs
R590 is equipped with a sophisticated on-board workout console that is designed for professional
rowing player to practice indoor.And the easy-controlled button make selection more convenient.

Porgram:Manual / White Water / Ramp / Pacer / Interval/ User Profile/ Watts Control / Heart Rate

Premium Foot Support

Premium Foot Support
Angled foot rest with pivoting heel support gives any user comfortable workout position.
And the quick stretch foot straps allow you to get ready in just few seconds.

Aluminum track

Aluminum track
The high quality aluminum power-coated frame with deep lacquer
finish could eliminate the friction to provide
the quiet and smooth movement.

Durable Construction

Durable Construction
The highly engineered heavy duty frame is tough and built to last,
and not need too much maintenance.

Adjustable Monitor

Adjustable Monitor
The adjustable 5.5″ blue backlight monitor allows everyone
to finds his/her best viewing angle according to the perfect
rowing position.

Storage & Mobility

Storage & Mobility
You don’t need any tool to fold the rower, and the transportation
wheels allow the movement more convenient.

Commercial Belt Drive

Commercial Belt Drive
Better than chain, the nylon strap is quiet,maintenance
free and no need lubrication.


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