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BH LK 580 Professional Rower

Rs 247,000.00





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“Rowing machines provide the best total-body workout of any cardio machine.” – U.S. Olympic rowing coach Mike Teti.

“Rowing is an excellent exercise to attain maximum physical fitness” – United States Sports Academy coach

“Rowing is an efficient and effective low-impact exercise that utilizes the arms, abdomen, back and legs to provide a total-body workout.” – American College of Sports Medicine





Magnetic-resistance system


Equipped with world-class magnetic brake system, LK580 offers a smoother, quieter, and more consistent rowing workout than other types of rowers. The flowing running flywheel design allows users to experience the rowing by ultra-precise 16 resistance variations.




Elevated seat


Elevated 20″ (50.8cm) seat height provides easy entry and exit and a more comfortable workout.


38.5″ Long seat travel



Adjustable multi-angles LCD monitor

Quick and simple folding

Screen_lk580_item1The large, 5.5” LCD monitor shows your vital workout data in blue backlight that is easy to read. Everyone could easily finds his/her best viewing angle according to the perfect rowing position. rower580_big4_2LK580 rowing features a quick and simple folding mechanism that allows you to fold up the seat track easily. Caster wheels on the front foot allows users to move the machine conveniently.

Swiveling over-sized pedals

Low noise belt drive

rower580_big4_3Large Soft Step pedals with 82 degree swivel provides relief for feet and ankles through the movement as well as cushioning. rower580_big4_4Specially designed for rowing machine, the nylon strap is durable and will last a long time when you’re rowing or strength training.

Large & adjustable trap

12 pre-set programs

rower580_1The adjustable trap is easy to use and covers the ball of users’ foot, and it accommodate a wide range of shoe sizes. (1)The pre-set 12 programs with 16 resistance levels are displayed by numbers and graphics, and the big display allows you read the workout data easily.

Wireless heart rate control

Large ergonomic seat

rower580_3With a heart rate monitor(optional), users can proceed high intensity workout with a comfortable heart rate control. rower580_4The comfort seat is soft and contours to your shape, and it is padded and runs on precision bearings, which makes the rowing experience smooth.

Smooth seat travel

Ergonomic handle bar

rower580_5Super comfortable seat running with fully protected mechanism for cleaner, smoother and safer operation. rower580_6Our comfortable, ergonomic handle is made of anti-slip rubber that allows you to row with a natural arm and hand position.




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