Eser Marketing BH treadmill bt-6380

BH Treadmill – BT 6380

Rs 139,000.00


BH Treadmill – BT 6380 from Eser Marketing Sri Lanka. If you want to burn fat fast the G 6380 is the way to go. Equipped with supporting cushion systems that absorbs every force and allows you to workout stress free for longer hours. Eco mode for saving energy. Delivers same performance at 30% power. You can easily fold away treadmill after the workout and have a soft drop system to minimize injury while unfolding this BH treadmill.

Click here to find out using your treadmill properly showed by BH fitness instructors.

BH Treadmill – BT 6380 from Eser Marketing

BH Treadmill BT 6380 Sri Lanka

BH treadmill BT 6380 Eser Marketing Sri Lanka

Treadmill BT-6380.jpg

Treadmill BT-6380.jpg


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