Top 5 Best Exercise Bikes for Bad Knees: A 2021 Guide for Beginners

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Top 5 Best Exercise Bikes for Bad Knees: A 2021 Guide for Beginners


Regardless of the stage of life, you are in, each and everyone one of us is self-conscious about keeping our body parts healthy.  Cardio workouts are undoubtedly a major part of it. Especially if you are a senior or a middle-aged person trying to fight the issue of bad knees or arthritis, this goes double down on the fact that you need a quality exercise bike to face the cause. This brings us to the main topic of our article: What are the best exercise bikes for bad knees?

If we consider the various and wide range of bikes available for cardio exercises, the ideal and most comfortable impact exercise would be the use of spinning bikes, air bikes, exercise bikes for a low-stress workout. Out of these options even, stationary bikes remain the major contestant as the most suited exercising tool in dealing with bad knees.

Bad Knees

There are many stationary bikes available in the market. While most of them are safe enough to use in spite of knee problems like painful joints or anything else, but some of them are better than others.

Keep in mind that there are many types and brands of stationary bikes running in the market. All most all of them are tested in lab environments and almost all of them are guaranteed safe. But what we should focus on is choosing the exercise bike that will ideally help you with your bad knees or fighting arthritis in the long run. It can be difficult to find the right bike which would suit your need, help you stay fit, and at the same be easy on your knees. To make this process easy for you we have researched among the exercise bike options available for arthritic knees.

It might not be an easy task to find the ideal bike for you, but that’s what we are trying to help you out on. To get us straight to the point, we have chosen the best exercise bike options for you after researching arthritic knees and targeted issues.

After going through the specifications, features, pros, and cons of many bikes and listening to the users of these bikes we have consolidated this list of the best stationary bikes available in the market that are suitable to be used by someone with a knee injury.

Top 5 Best Exercise Bikes for Bad Knees

After considering many facts including special features, main specifications, advantages and disadvantages, popularity among users, we have come up with this list as our opinion on the best stationary bikes available in the global market as of now in 2021-2022.

Following are the top 5 exercise bikes that are best for arthritis and bad knees. We have chosen them on the basis of usability, features and all of these are good for your joints.

1. P 540 Spin Bike

P 540 Spin Bike

This bike can be considered as home fitness equipment, exercise bike as well as a spin bike. With a Chain Transmission system, horizontally adjustable handlebar, Computer system with Scan, Time, Dis, Cal, Speed, Pedals with Plastic W/Balanced & straps, and a Friction brake system, this looks the ideal bike for knee issues with its user-friendly features. It offers a great combination of features and functions. If you enjoy choosing from many training programs, you will appreciate the great variety of this bike.


Main Pros:

  • Can set and track individual exercise goals
  • Strong and sturdy structure
  • Good flexibility of workouts with many resistances’ levels

2. Tokyo H9181

Tokyo H9181

This bike can be considered as home fitness equipment, exercise bike as well as a spin bike. A New Indoor Cycle Bike is the way for fun training sessions on the go. With The Poly-V Belt Transmission system, Triathlon handlebar, Ability to use in intensive usage (20 hours per week), and a Magnetic brake system, it’ll give you many opportunities in terms of the variety and intensity of your workouts. Overall, Tokyo H9181 is a great bike. Definitely one of the best recumbents for home on the market.


Main Pros:

  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wide range of workout intensity
  • Ergonomic design good for your painful joints

3. UpRight Bike WH-1065U

UpRight Bike WH-1065U

This bike can be considered as home fitness equipment, exercise bike as well as an upright bike. A New exciting upright bike that is the most suited type for people fighting arthritis. With a Silent magnetic control system, adjustable modern handlebar, 5.5″ LCD screen Monitor, and a Magnetic brake system, it’s definitely a great commercial upright bike that comes with a great warranty. When these facts are taken into consideration, WH-1065U is definitely a great bike if you are interested in a professional Upright bike. It’s designed to meet your training needs and make your workouts more fun and is definitely worth the buy.


Main Pros:

  • Wide range of workout intensity
  • Big LCD display for better visibility
  • Easy seat adjustment, can be adjusted while being seated
  • Simple design

4. Air Bike (Semi-Commercial)

Air Bike

Air bikes, also known as air resistance bikes carry that name because of the type of resistance system they use. These machines use air to create resistance because there are fans attached to the flywheel (the part that spins when you pedal a bike). As these fans spin, they are pushing through the air. This bike can be considered as home fitness equipment, exercise bike as well as an air bike. This resistance system is great for exercise because it really gives you unlimited potential resistance. There is no max resistance setting like a typical exercise bike or elliptical. The harder you pedal, the more resistance you will feel. If you want to keep everything simple about your workout and looking for something which comfortable for your bad knees and don’t need much fancy digital features then this is the bike for you.


Main Pros:

  • 4-Way Adjustable Seat
  • Peg attachment foot rests
  • Extra Padding on seat
  • Strong and sturdy structure

5. ORB 2000 Body Strider

ORB 2000 Body Strider

These machines are considered a combination of incline trainers and elliptical machines. This bike can be considered as home fitness equipment, exercise bike as well as a body strider. this machine is tough enough (solid steel construction, high user capacity) and challenging enough (considering workouts, Knee exercises, etc.) to withstand the beatings and demand of commercial gym-goers – while at the same time being a machine perfectly suited for private home use. Each part of the frame and the structural bars are covered with a remarkably durable coating for long-term maintenance-free use. This is also consistently rated one of the most popular models of body striders for affordable, solid exercise equipment.


Main Pros:

  • Specializes in building muscle in the lower body, namely the quads, hamstrings, calves & glutes.
  • Good flexibility of workouts with many resistances’ levels.
  • Can Target a specific leg muscle
  • Wide range of workout intensity


When you get an expensive exercise bike, you should consider all the features a bike offers. Look for a bike that offers you excellent performance and comfortable position, durability, extra accessories, quiet ride, and advanced technical features.

All the bike reviewed here pretty much covers all criteria. Different brands excel on various features, so it’s finally up to you which one you want to go for. Search through the list and select the one you think is made for you.

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