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The market leader in Sri Lanka for Gym and Fitness equipment.

Established in 2004, Eser Marketing Pvt Ltd began offering new and exciting selections of gym and fitness products, while maintaining the maximum levels of assistance and customer care. Later in 2014, the company transformed into Eser Marketing International Private Limited expanding our brand into the global scale. We have grown over the last 17 years with a true pioneering lion spirit to now being the largest gym and fitness equipment company in Sri Lanka. We have an excellent reputation for quality products that are ideal for fitness enthusiasts. We have since then developed an international reputation for retailing fitness equipment for home and commercial use products.

Eser Marketing International is the solitary agent for BH Fitness products. BH is a European brand for fitness equipment that has been around for more than a century. Among many, Reebok, Adidas, Body-Solid, Matrix Fitness, Vision Fitness, Outdoor Fitness Steelflex, and BodyOne are some of the well-known brands in the world of fitness with whom Eser Marketing International collaborate with.


Best place in Sri Lanka to buy high-quality home fitness equipment products.

Eser Marketing International, the market leader in Sri Lanka for Home Fitness equipment, is committed to providing your high-quality exercise equipment needs. The wide range of our product categories include treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes, benches, home gyms, yoga, dumbbells and weights, and any other fitness and gym equipment for your needs. If you are searching for the best fitness and gym equipment provider in Sri Lanka, you are at the right place.


Specialize in supplying commercial gym equipment & outdoor fitness equipment.

Eser Marketing International is the best place in Sri Lanka to buy high-quality commercial and outdoor fitness equipment products that are made by some of the well-esteemed brands in the industry incorporating the latest technologies and measures. Our wealth is to make a healthy and fitness-filled generation for Sri Lanka. And to that end, we have both commercial and outdoor products which satisfy all fitness requirements providing the best results for the Fitness community in Sri Lanka.

We specialize in supplying commercial gym equipment. We aim to provide the highest quality equipment, service, and support in the market today. Eser Marketing International has extensive experience in retailing fitness equipment for a range of clients as diverse as hotels, sports clubs, school and body corporates, retirement villages, and workplace gyms.

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Buy high-quality fitness and gym equipment with the best price in Sri Lanka.

Eser Marketing International has the best price for exercise machines and equipment. We are the most eminent brand on the island when it comes to providing high-quality gym equipment for homes and commercial needs in Sri Lanka.

Whether you are a gym owner or an individual looking to buy gym equipment, ESER.LK is the best place to try.

Why Do You Need EXERCISE?

Our tight schedules often make us forget the basics of physical health leading us to break out from the habit of exercise. Exercising is crucial for anyone to lead a healthy life. People in the past were able to stay fit due to their line of work and the habits. They had enough freedom to engage in activities such as walking, cycling, swimming in the rivers, and more all of which contributed to them being healthy and fit. The present generation show prone to non-communicable diseases because of the less active day-to-day activities. According to medical experts, a good exercise routine can help us prevent many diseases that we undergo. Eser Marketing International will also be there to guide and provide you with what you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Exercise helps to improve overall health of a person including their physical, mental, and social health. We at Eser Marketing International are aware that you want to stay healthy but the time schedules do not permit that. Lack of time to go to a gym is one of the critical health and fitness issues in the present generation. The activities such as walk on the jogging track, swim in a pool, or ride a bicycle are also getting out of the habit for many people. But now you can take the gym home. Where to buy the exercise equipment for the home gym? Eser Marketing International is always there to help you.

Eser Marketing International has the best price for exercise machines and equipment. We are the most eminent brand on the island when it comes to providing high-quality gym equipment for homes and commercial needs in Sri Lanka. The world’s leading fitness brands such as BH, ReebokAdidasBody-SolidMatrix FitnessVision FitnessOutdoor Fitness, and Steelflex are all partnered with Eser Marketing International to provide you with the best. Whether you are a gym owner or an individual looking to buy gym equipment, Eser Marketing International is the best place to try.

The products we sell at Eser Marketing International, undergo a rigorous testing process to confirm their quality and safety so that the end-user always gets their hands on the highest quality exercise equipment. Eser Marketing International is committed to providing the best value for your money.

Our products include treadmills, weight lifting benches, cross trainers, exercise bikes, home gyms, spin bikes, slam balls, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, body striders, adjustable benches, gym balls, multi gyms, flat bench, punching bags, free weights and bars, ab products, rowing machines, many types of weight lifting bars, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, resistance bands, and several other fitness equipment and accessories.

Best exercise machines and equipment are available at Eser Marketing to buy either online or from our island-wide branches. You will get an excellent after-sale service and a warranty for every fitness product. You can seek the help of our customer care to solve any problem related to our products or services.

People believe that they don’t need to do exercise after doing the household activities. Although, it is true that doing any physical activity including household activities are good for your health they do not promote overall fitness of your body and cannot be compared to a full body workout. The gym and the appropriate exercise equipment can let you achieve your fitness goals. It is important to follow the correct procedure and select high-quality equipment to get the best results.

For good and better results, you need to work out with the best exercising equipment. Try to choose the best exercise equipment to work out. We have high-quality fitness equipment developed by utilizing the latest technology.

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