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Eser Marketing International

Eser Marketing International is the market leader in Sri Lanka for Home Fitness Equipment, Commercial Fitness Equipment, and Outdoor Fitness Equipment are committed to providing your high-quality gym and exercise equipment needs.

Established in 2004, Eser Marketing Pvt Ltd began offering new and exciting selections of gym and fitness products, while maintaining the maximum levels of assistance and customer care. Later in 2014, the company transformed into Eser Marketing International Private Limited expanding our brand on the global scale. We have grown over the last 17 years with a true pioneering lion spirit to now being the largest gym and fitness equipment company in Sri Lanka. We have an excellent reputation for quality products that are ideal for fitness enthusiasts. We have since then developed an international reputation for retailing fitness equipment for home and commercial use products.

Best exercise machines and equipment are available at Eser Marketing International to buy either online (ESER.LK) or from our 16 island-wide branches.


We have a wide range of gym and fitness equipment you can choose from strength to treadmills, benches, cross trainers (ellipticals), ab products, exercise bikes, home gyms, rowing machines, yoga/aerobics accessories to punching bags.

At Eser Marketing International, we specialize in supplying commercial gym equipment. We aim to provide the highest quality equipment, service, and support in the market today. Eser Marketing International has extensive experience in retailing fitness equipment for a range of clients as diverse as hotels, sports clubs, school and body corporates, retirement villages, and workplace gyms.

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Eser Marketing International is the solitary agent for BH Fitness (Beistegui Hermanos) products. BH is a European brand for fitness equipment that has been around for more than a century. Incorporating the latest technology in each of its innovations, BH Fitness strives to bring their customers’ solutions and components in the areas of electronics, software, ergonomics, design, and materials. Its focused efforts on delivering social responsibility and maintaining positive customer relationships have made BH a trusted brand among many customers.

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BodyOne is introduced by Eser Marketing International as a durable heavy-duty fitness and gym equipment lineup. BodyOne has a fitness product range such as striders, Benches, home gym and ab products, etc. Also, BodyOne boasts an impressive range of commercial strength training fitness product line up. Also, we have a vast collection of yoga/aerobics and fitness accessories to add a variation for your fitness requirements under the BodyOne brand.


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