Top 05 Sri Lanka’s Most Popular Fitness Equipment Brands to Know

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Top 05 Sri Lanka's Most Popular Fitness Equipment Brands to Know

Top 05 Sri Lanka’s Most Popular Fitness Equipment Brands to Know

Your choice of fitness equipment might profoundly impact your workout and its outcomes. Generally, top-rated brands create their products with a variety of workout types and human anatomy in mind, along with the durability and quality required for commercial use.

A piece of gym equipment that you can rely on is essential to achieving your fitness goals. However, given the high cost of gym equipment, this is a purchase you’ll want to think about before buying.

This list of the top five fitness equipment brands in Sri Lanka can give you more confidence when purchasing your next gym equipment.

#1 BH Fitness

BH Fitness
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One of the world’s most well-known and respected corporations, BH Group, owns BH Fitness. More than a century old, Beistegui Hermanos (BH) Group is based in Spain’s northern region of La Linea (Spanish for Beistegui Brothers). Over the course of many years, the brothers have been manufacturing steel items and have now shifted their focus to exercise equipment. Stationary bikes became a rage at that time, and their BH Fitness business was born.

In 65 countries, BH currently manufactures and distributes a complete line of exercise equipment for households and businesses. Exercise cycles, weightlifting machines, and treadmill accessories are all part of the company’s extensive product line. The Biggest Loser weight reduction reality show in the UK used the company’s fitness equipment, which the company gave.

BH Fitness treadmills and other items are made in many locations across the world (primarily in Spain, Portugal, and Mexico).

Commercial and residential customers alike tend to be satisfied with BH products due to excellent quality control.

Eser Marketing International – BH Fitness

#2 Reebok Fitness

Reebok Fitness in Sri Lanka

Reebok Fitness has only recently emerged as a prominent player when it comes to the workout equipment market. Founded in the 1890s, Reebok is a corporation that has been creating shoes since then. Flourishing shoes led to a wide selection of clothing and even home exercise equipment a few years ago.

It introduces new ideas and concepts that will be relevant in the future. Reebok was presented to the world over a century ago as an American-inspired, multinational brand. Reebok is at the forefront of its revolution when it comes to physical, emotional, and social well-being. As a team at Eser Marketing International, we believe in this approach. Together, we will ensure that their members have access to the most fantastic equipment and tools to keep them fit and healthy for a long time.

Eser Marketing International – Reebok Fitness

#3 Adidas

Adidas in Sri Lanka

Whereas Adidas is more well-known for its athletic gear than its gym equipment, the Adidas Home Gym is an excellent example of what the company can provide in the fitness equipment market. This is one of the brand’s most versatile and cost-effective pieces of equipment, and it’s one of the few that doesn’t take up a lot of room in your home or office.

All Adidas items, as well as Adidas home gym, are designed and built to the highest standards. 65mm high-density foam fills the seat cushions, making them both firm and pliable. Large diameter steel and a 100kg weight stack ensure robust and long-lasting equipment for a variety of exercises, even when the leg, arm, and chest stations are being utilized simultaneously.

The Adidas includes everything you need for a complete body build, whether you’re a novice or an intermediate. Depending on your workout, you can use the triceps or biceps station, while the chest and back stations are dedicated to those muscles. Your quads are the centerpiece of the final section.

Eser Marketing International – Adidas

#4 Body-Solid

Body Solid by Eser Marketing International
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Body-Solid, a renowned manufacturer of home and commercial fitness equipment, offers a comprehensive choice of cardio and resistance training devices that you can use in your own house. The equipment includes treadmills, elliptical trainers, free weights, and dip stations

It’s also worth noting that they’re arguably best recognized for their array of high-quality home gym equipment, ranging from single station selectorized designs to multistation plate-loaded leverage systems.

The Body-Solid brand has been servicing the fitness market since 1989, and the company continues to focus on manufacturing high-quality products. The company’s fundamental idea, “Build for Life,” still stands true, as all of their exercise equipment meets performance, precision, durability, and customer satisfaction standards. Additionally, their equipment’s industry-leading guarantee puts them at the top of the best-selling fitness equipment on the market.

The company is expanding into a wide range of industries, including schools, universities, police, fire agencies, and a host of others. As a result, this company continues steadfast in its mission to provide the best equipment to end consumers around the world.

Eser Marketing International – Body-Solid

#5 Matrix Fitness

Matrix Fitness by ESER
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Johnson Health Tech‘s Matrix Fitness is a high-end gym equipment brand. When it comes to treadmills, Matrix is the brand of choice for those willing to spend more than $2,000. There have long been Matrix treadmills featured in high-end fitness clubs, but the company has just recently begun making residential treadmills under the brand name.

A unique feature of Matrix treadmills is the ability to work out outdoors utilizing Virtual Active video. On your treadmill or TV, Virtual Active provides a view of gorgeous trails. These trails can be shown in HD video and VR 360 video, which records the trails in 360 degrees for virtual reality headsets as you walk, jog, or run on the treadmill. Each console has been pre-loaded with a variety of fitness routines that may be customized to the user’s preferences.

Eser Marketing International – Matrix Fitness

Final Thoughts

Most Popular Fitness Equipment Brands in Sri Lanka

Having learned more about the greatest gym equipment brands in Sri Lanka, you’ll be able to identify them when you go shopping.

It’s not just one company that makes high-quality products. If you want to get the greatest deal on a specific piece of gear, you should do some research. However, the brands mentioned above have established themselves over the years with the best quality items and the most consistent.

At Eser Marketing International in Sri Lanka, we carry exercise equipment from a variety of well-known and respected brands. To help you narrow down your options, use the information above as a starting point if you’re unsure of which brands to choose from.

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