Why Is BH Fitness Leading the Way in Exercise Equipment Brands in Sri Lanka?

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BH Fitness Sri Lanka

Why Is BH Fitness Leading the Way in Exercise Equipment Brands in Sri Lanka?

One of the world’s most well-known and respected corporations, BH Group, owns BH Fitness. In northern Spain, for more than a century, Beistegui Hermanos (BH Group) has been a household name (Spanish for Beistegui Brothers). The brothers have been manufacturing steel items for decades but have recently switched their attention to the fitness business. Stationary bikes became a sensation at that time, and their BH Fitness business was born. Please read our previous article to learn more about the history of BH Fitness.

BH Fitness has a large range of both residential and commercial fitness products even when compared to renowned brands such as Adidas or Reebok. BH now manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of exercise equipment for residential and commercial use in over 65 countries. They also produce Cross Trainers, Exercise Bikes, Benches, Home Gym, Ab Products, Rowing Machines in addition to Treadmills. The Biggest Loser weight-loss reality show in the United Kingdom relied on the company’s workout equipment and athletes to promote its products.

Manufacturing locations worldwide produce the BH Fitness treadmill and other goods (primarily in Spain, Portugal, and Mexico).

Commercial and residential fitness equipment customers alike tend to be satisfied with BH products due to the company’s high-quality control standards.

BH Fitness and Eser Marketing International Collaboration

BH Fitness and Eser Marketing International Collaboration

Eser Marketing International is the sole distributor of BH Fitness products in Sri Lanka. Since BH products must be ordered in bulk as large quantities, Eser Marketing International has become the sole importer and distributor of BH Fitness products in Sri Lanka.

Some of the featured BH Fitness products from Eser Marketing International

Treadmill-BT 7020

Treadmills with a console that can be used for more than just running. You may turn into a desk in a matter of seconds. When constructing the folding treadmill, BH places a high premium on safety. Working and exercising simultaneously is a huge benefit for those who spend their days in an office.

SB 1.4 H 9158

The SB1.4 Indoor Cycling Spin Bike is an excellent choice for regular exercise at home. They can make your training more realistic. Because of its design, it is as close to a real outdoor bike as you can get in an inside setting.

Artic H673 Upright Bike

iConcept’s cutting-edge technology converts your training into an interactive and motivating experience! Challenge yourself by using fitness apps. Maintenance-free magnetic braking, 24 levels of intensity, exercises you design yourself, and wonderful interactive training are aspects of this appealing bike.

H853 – Arctic Comfort Bike

For everyday use, a comfortable, open-frame recumbent bike. Another unique feature is that the sensor in the gripping part of the hand measures the heart rate and gives it to the screen. It can accurately monitor your heart rate.

G 119XA Nevada Plus

An all-in-one home gym for staying fit while working from home. The sturdy steel construction and generously cushioned seat pads make it ideal for even the most rigorous workouts.

The multi-layer coating on this professional, up-to-date, and fashionable system enhances its design, even more, guaranteeing the system’s long-term endurance.

As a result of cable, there are no feelings of exhaustion. Streamlined to the core, exercising with more security and safety is now possible. The strictly regulated exercise may now be done thanks to the unique guided work system safely. Protective coating for metals The best-looking design allows quality and rigidity to coexist.

Rower R 590 BH

A fixed load and an adjustable magnetic system allow the operator to manage the airflow. The rowing motion is as smooth as it’s ever been. The magnetic brake system delivers a smooth, silent ride when rowing at high speeds.

Any user can find a comfortable training position with the angled footrest and pivoting heel support. The quick stretch foot straps make getting dressed quick and easy. The angled footrest and pivoting heel support provide a user-friendly training position. Additionally, the quick-stretch foot straps make getting dressed a breeze.

G863 Ultra Cross Trainer Series

This front-drive elliptical has a 23″/58 cm stride, which activates more than 200 muscles with each pedaling stroke and provides the most intense workout with a smooth elliptical motion. With this elliptical, you can speed up your weight loss.

Different pedal heights serve to strengthen the leg muscles in various ways. Increased Gastrocnemius and Soleus training can be achieved by using G863.

This system utilizes a magnetic brake with the flywheel to provide a quiet and smooth pedaling motion. 4-section assembly structure and strong duty bearings provide a low impact workout for joints and the muscles surrounding the spinal cord and lumbar spine.

Bench – G330 Optima Press (All in one)

A wide range of training opportunities is available at this training site. The weight should be evenly distributed across the six locations to provide maximum stability. To switch out the training equipment (6 Position Vertical rods, three recline positions, four positions for the back, 3 Positions for foot supports, and four positions for the arms), Steel construction is quite durable. This product features high-quality materials and an appealing appearance for safe and enjoyable training.

G320 Optima Bench

For usage at home regularly. The perfect option for those new to home exercise and those who want to take their training to the next level. Several options are available. There are six different ways to adjust the backrest, three ways to modify the seat, and two ways to adjust the legs. Metal construction with a large diameter All-around support for any weight Multi-position backrest provides continual lumbar support with thick foam rollers and contoured upholstery.

Multi-position bench for strength training with adjustable backrest, seat, and leg positions. The reinforced steel frame provides the best stability and safety. Enjoy the convenience of having a home gym with this well-built and compact machine.

Stainless steel tube structure maximizes stability and security. To ensure a safe and efficient workout, an adjustable backrest is essential. Upholstered with a heavy foam roller improves exercise comfort.

Final Thoughts

BH Fitness has a solid reputation in the fitness industry. In addition to being well-made, their items also come with excellent customer service and are reasonably priced. BH Fitness items in Sri Lanka are distributed solely by Eser Marketing International. There are many alternatives, from modest home units to high-end gym machines. Low-end devices undoubtedly have the downsides you’d anticipate from a low-end product (less durable and versatile, etc.). Despite this, BH Fitness should be applauded for its wide range of high-quality machines. If you’re looking to establish a home or commercial gym, this brand is an excellent place to begin.

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