Top 05 Exercises To Boost Your Immune System

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Top 05 Exercises To Boost Your Immune System

Introduction – Exercises to boost your immune system

It is a proven fact that regular exercise can boost your immune system to a higher level, while improving your mental and physical health at the same time. 2020 – 2021 has definitely been a time period where everyone is actively concerned about their immune system, while living in a pandemic situation as a whole.  In the day and age where facing diseases, head-on is a daily-basis requirement, this information is more relevant than ever. In this article, we will talk about how regular exercise can boost your immune system, while discussing the best exercises for immunity you can try out at home.  Maybe you can check out our own exercise equipment too, which will help the cause, I’m sure.

How can regular exercises boost your immune system?

Normal intensity processes such as basic exercises boost immune functions with lots of mechanisms.  This is part of the importance of exercising and cardiology practices.  Regular exercises are also beneficial on body structure: based on both short- and long-term basis.

Basic exercise moves will help to release myokines and cytokines in blood cells which helps to generate immune cells activity. Muscle contractions also help to release Catecholamine, which does the simulation of lymphocytes. (Lymphocytes are the top group of white blood cells, the main part of the previously mentioned immune cells.) This process allows peripheral tissues to carry out their surveillance. The important part to remember is that this can be achieved with any regular exercise. This can be talked about as the basis of how regular exercise can boost your immune system.

Best Exercises for immunity

1. Walking Exercises


This is one of the easiest exercises, even the busiest of us can do. A walk ranging from 20 to 30 minutes every day is recommended to be the ideal passage of basic exercise. There are a few ways that you can make it part of your routine: walking to work without taking a bus ride or taking your dog on a little walk. As an alternative method though, a Treadmill can be used as well, if you prefer to do the “walking” in your own household’s safety as a woman or child. With the features available on modern treadmill equipment these days, it is possible to have an even more telling immunity boost in yourself in a short amount of time. Help of an instructor might come in handy as well.

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2. Cycling Exercises


Getting popular among all age groups in the current environment and time, cycling is a great way to complete a basic exercise, and get your traveling done every day. If you are living in a big city with regular traffic jams, a bike ride instead of driving to the workplace can fast become a pleasant, rewarding and relaxing experience during a workday. As another option, taking family bike trips is also a great way to create family bonds, have fun, and exercise together. Or you can buy an Exercise bike such as Body Strider, Spin Bike, Air Bike, or that type of gym equipment that will allow you to do the cycling exercise indoors safely and efficiently. And again, the help of an instructor is recommended, even though it isn’t mandatory.

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3. Strength Training Exercises

Strength Training

When talking about exercises for immunity, a mostly overlooked exercise is strength training. Commonly not categorized under basic or regular exercises, strength training is definitely an exercise that will boost your immunity levels in the long run. When we talk about strength training though, we think about weights. When we think about weight lifting, we usually connect it to the gym. If going to the gym isn’t your ideal goal in these pandemic times, you can do simple strength exercises like push-ups at home, or even do strength training using household items – large water bottles make for great weights – that can be used to do exercises like arm curls in your kitchen chair. There is always the option of using professional weight bars and equivalent products, again under the supervision of a trained instructor, if you can. If you are interested in such equipment, we at ESER.LK might just have the ideal items for you!

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4. Aerobics Exercise


The best thing about aerobic exercises is that you can find hundreds of online videos on great exercise routines by professionals. You can even start doing aerobic exercises with your family or friends and cheer each other on! Rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness including flexibility, muscular strength, and cardio-vascular fitness with the effect of boosting your immune system is the target of this exercise.

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5. Keeping Hydrated

Keeping Hydrated

Last but not least, one of the most important aspects of improving your immune system is staying hydrated at all times, if possible. Although not considered an exercise, this healthy habit is ideal for you if you are trying to improve your immunity and health altogether. Dehydration is one of the top reasons exercises may have a below-par effect on your health. Instead, ensure you are drinking recommended amounts of water or more to help clean your system and keep your body fresh and hydrated. Moderate exercise doesn’t have to be difficult, or even require a gym membership. It can be as straightforward as going for a bike ride with your family or walking the dog a little longer than normal. For those seeking a more intense burst of exercise, there are multiple HIIT (high-intensity interval training) training exercises available online which last around 20 minutes. If you are interested in read-made water bottles that suit the job, look no further than our own accessory of bottles available!

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Exercising is guaranteed to make you feel more energized, and can help to strengthen your immunity! So, when taking all those above facts into consideration, I recommend you to start doing Regular exercises that can boost your immune system, while keeping you healthy physically and mentally in these troubled times of 2021.  Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep on exercising!

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